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    The Number One Problem With Window Replacement Near Me

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    Vinyl replacement windows are the best-selling of all styles of windows, with an average of over Twenty million windows sold annually over the past few years. In the foreseeable future, this trend is expected to continue.

    Because of this, you would consider everything to be “sunshine and rainbows” when it comes to vinyl windows. However, there is one common problem that is not understood more often than not, until the windows are purchased and installed in a customer’s home.

    New Windows have a smaller viewable glass 

    Window replacement near me number one issue…. a lack of glass viewing area.

    To begin with,  replacing windows can be a bit misleading and add to the problem.

    Let’s imagine you’re in your home today with wooden windows. You have noticed a great deal of draftiness and perhaps even some functional problems. So, you agree that vinyl replacement windows are your best option after doing your homework.

    Here’s the problem… when a window of wood is replaced by a window of vinyl, the old window is not completely removed. Together with the screen record, both old sashes are replaced on a double hanging door. The new window for vinyl replacement is calibrated to fit in the old wooden frame.

    It’s like placing a package inside another box… If this glass area loss is the biggest problem with vinyl replacement windows, why would they sell so much more than any other form of the window?

    If Window Surface Is An Issue, Why Do People Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows Two explanations… One, vinyl replacement windows are usually the least expensive of any replacement window frame type, and second, vinyl window frames are considered the most energy-efficient, especially when compared to their equivalents in wood and aluminum.

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    So, if you can save money and have efficient windows, you need to be willing to give up the glass surface, right? Not always… You can search for a vinyl frame window designed to increase glass space, or you can talk about full-frame replacement with your window dealer.

    Several of our distributors offer a complete window replacement choice that removes your old windows literally all the way down to the initial rough opening. Not only does this option cause the least amount of glass area loss, but it may also be the best long-term solution, depending on your situation.

    This generic replacement option provides three key advantages…

    Fully maintenance-free products from the outside to the inside of your house.

    Allows the initial rough opening to be properly insulated, which we found lacking in many houses built during the housing boom.

    You could end up with even more glass area than you initially had, depending on the type of window.

    Because there is so much more work involved, you would feel that the option to replace the entire frame needs more investment.

    What If changing the Full Frame Doesn’t Fit My Budget?   If your budget needs you to follow the standard replacement path, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise the glass area for energy efficiency with your new Windows.

    First, let’s look at the bigger picture and think about why vinyl replacement windows minimize the area of glass, to begin with… the first one we’ve talked about… by default, putting one box inside another means that the one you put inside must be smaller.

    Second, many manufacturers of vinyl windows with big, bulky frames can tell you it’s a matter of energy. It’s the old argument that “bulkier is better.”

    Lastly, most vinyl replacement windows are so bulky because of the frame insulation. This way of “insulating” a vinyl window frame is simply not insulating it at all, often referred to as multi-chambered PVC or hollow-core PVC.

    Then, the maker used the “dead air room” as an insulator to extrude the vinyl with many different chambers filled with air. There must be many chambers to get any kind of extra insulation, producing a boxy, bulky feel. 

    Sunrise Windows are esthetically designed to deal with all three of these problems…

    • Insulation— We insulate our windows with polyurethane, which provides up to seven times as much R-value (insulating capacity) as hollow core PVC frames. This ensures that we do not need to build boxy, bulky frames.
    •  Strength — Just because it’s bigger something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. The density of both the vinyl and the structure is more important than the size of the frame. Similarly, we have, within the frame itself, some 90-degree bends that optimize strength for steel.
    • Glass Area — Vinyl replacement windows give up to 27 times more glass viewing area than our rivals because of the first two, as illustrated here.

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