• Patio Pergola

    Patio Pergola: In History And In Use Today

    Pergolas are a popular addition to any home. They offer a wide range of benefits including adding some desirable appeal, personal design flair, and practical touch to the home. Yet few people understand the importance of a pergola or the many benefits they can have on the home. In an attempt to change this, we’ve created this article.

    Patio Pergola

    Pergolas are one of the oldest styles of outdoor architecture and are still in use nowadays. It is understood that the ancient Egyptian’s used pergolas to grow figs and house vines, while the ancient Chinese used them for sunshade in housing and in temples. After Rome conquered Egypt in 30 B.C., the pergola becomes a prominent feature in Roman architecture. Since then pergolas have been used for various reasons in buildings right across the world.

    But what is a patio pergola, and why has its design been so popular through the ages?

    Patio pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. Pergolas may be freestanding, or they can be attached to the house. The roof can be left open or covered to create shelter from the elements.

    Today, patio pergola is included in the design of building for various reasons. The most common being; sunshade, aesthetics, or shelter from the elements. The design of the pergola and which material is used will determine how well the pergola delivers these benefits to the occupants of the building. The most common materials used in today’s buildings are timber, aluminum, or steel.

    The traditional patio pergola is made from timber. In a simple pergola structure, timber has been the preferred material due to cost advantages. The disadvantages in using timber include significant labor requirements in the construction and ongoing maintenance including painting or staining. When using timber to provide complete shelter from the elements, the pergola is normally an extension of the house roofline and is roofed and lined to provide complete shelter.

    Aluminum is becoming very popular as a material for pergolas for several reasons including;

    • low maintenance,
    • excellent versatility
    • labor requirements in construction.

    The clean lines from extruded aluminum and the large range of colors available make aluminum pergolas a striking architectural feature with strong aesthetic value. The color is often matched to the window joinery making the pergola blend perfectly with the overall building color scheme. To achieve complete shelter, aluminum opening louvered roofs can be used. The louver blades can rotate with the rotating action either motorized or manually operable. When the louvered blades are closed, rain runs off the louvered blades and into an internal gutter system enabling the building occupants to enjoy outdoor dining even when the sky decides to precipitate. The beauty of opening louvered roofs is when the sun shines, they can be opened to let it in giving you complete versatility with your outdoor living.

    Pergolas are the perfect way to bring your garden space into use. They enhance the beauty of your garden and make your yard a lot more useful. The installation of a pergola in your garden makes way for lazing around amidst Mother Nature and hanging out with your loved ones.

    Choosing a patio pergola that not only meets your requirements but falls in your budget too can be quite challenging, considering the numerous options that you have.

    Overall, while pergolas have been used in architecture for thousands of years, they have come a long way over time. Today’s pergolas are versatile and add significant value to modern architecture. If you are wanting sunshade, protection from the elements over your outdoor living area, or a sharp aesthetic feature then pergolas are worth considering.

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  • Plumber Humble TX

    Plumbers Humble TX – Benefits of Hiring Us For Your Plumbing Job

    There are specific standards for professional plumbing services in Humble, TX. These standards are in place to ensure that your plumbing system works as effectively and efficiently as it should for as long as possible, and does so safely. When you find your home in need of professional plumbing services in the Humble area, you needn’t look any further than our team—but we feel it’s very important that we tell you to trust in a professional plumber, only.

    Plumber Humble TX

    In addition to the safety and liability guarantees that you can only get from a licensed professional plumbing company, hiring professionals for the job also benefits you in many other ways:

    Reliable Training

    When you choose to hire just any plumber off the street, you can be left with less than ideal results. The same goes for hiring a general handyman. What you want instead is Plumbers Humble TX who has comprehensive education and training, which is necessary to handle the worst of clogs, the trickiest of leaks, and busted pipes that can quickly devastate a home if not addressed quickly enough.

    A Peace of Mind

    Inexperienced plumbers will often only be available during normal business hours. But what does that mean for you as a homeowner, when you have a big emergency like water gushing through your living space in the middle of the night or during the weekend? You need a trusted professional plumber Humble TX who can be available any day, any time, for situations just like this. After all, there is rarely a plumbing emergency that occurs during a “convenient” time.

    The Root Cause of the Problem Solved

    Fixing a plumbing problem by patching up a leak is simple enough. However, it’s often a temporary fix to a bigger problem. Our professional plumbers will investigate to find the exact cause of the problem, whether it’s a pinhole leak or a drop in water pressure. Professional plumbers service the whole plumbing system, not just the “problem area,” when they come for a service call.

    Reputable Professionals

    Your plumbing professional should have a good reputation among existing customers, as well as the sponsorship of professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

    Pros Won’t Waste Your Money or Your Time

    Truly professional plumbers pride themselves on doing the job right the first time, without any unnecessary waste of time or money. Professional plumbing companies do their due diligence in ensuring that their employees are receiving the training, experience, and proper licensing required in order to perform high-quality work that leaves your plumbing system working efficiently and effectively.

    When you have a plumbing problem of any kind, it’s important to remember that attempting repairs on your own could leave you with increased expenses, rather than savings. You may need to call in a professional anyway, to resolve any issues you might have unintentionally caused, or you may not be able to locate the source of the problem and can do more harm than good to the pipes.

    At A1 Humble Plumber, we will bring you the best in plumbing services. Contact us today!

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